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Inherent to Campus B2

Vocable Translation
animal, animalis [n.] I Noun a living creature, animal
bis Adverb twice
caput, capitis [n.] C Noun head, leader, beginning, life, heading, chapter
Clifton Phrase not yet translated :(
creusa Noun not yet translated :(
duo Numeral two
duodecim Numeral twelve
fugio, fugis, fugere M, fugi, fugitum Verb flee, fly, run away, avoid, shun, go into exile
hic, haec, hoc Demonstrative Pronoun this, that
invitounus Other not yet translated :(
mare, maris [n.] I Noun sea
moene, moenis [n.] I Noun defensive/town walls (pl.), bulwarks,...
navis, navis [f.] M Noun boat, ship
noli Phrase Do not
numerus, numeri [m.] O Noun number, count
nuper Adverb newly, lately, recently, not long ago
turris, turris [f.] I Noun tower, high building, palace, citadel, dove...
viginti Other 20, twenty

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