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List of all Phrases

Vocable Translation
a bene placito Phrase from one well pleased
a minore ad maius Phrase from the smaller to the greater
ab absurdo Phrase from the absurd
ab abusu ad usum non valet consequentia Phrase an inference from an abuse to a use is not valid
ab aeterno Phrase from the eternal
ab antiquo Phrase from the ancient
ab epistulis Phrase from the letters
ab extra Phrase from beyond/without
ab hinc Phrase from here on
ab imo pectore Phrase from the deepest chest
ab inconvenienti Phrase from an inconvenient thing
ab incunabulis Phrase from the cradle
ab initio Phrase from the beginning
ab intestato Phrase from an intestate
ab intra Phrase from within
ab invito Phrase unwillingly
ab irato Phrase from an angry man
ab origine Phrase from the source
ab ovo usque ad mala Phrase from the egg to the apples
ab uno disce omnes Phrase from one, learn all
ab urbe condita (a.u.c.) Phrase from the city having been founded
absens haeres non erit Phrase an absent person will not be an heir
absente reo (abs. re.) Phrase [with] the defendant being absent
absit iniuria Phrase "let injury be absent"
absit invidia Phrase "let ill will/envy be absent"
absit omen Phrase let an omen be absent
absolutum dominium Phrase absolute dominion
absolvo Phrase I acquit
abundans cautela non nocet Phrase abundant caution does no harm
Certando ad minus quam quod ante Phrase from the greater to the smaller