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Vocable Translation
accido, accidis, accidere C, accidi, - Verb fall upon/down/to/at or near, descend, alight, ha…
Ad huc Adverb here, to this place, to this point
bestia, bestiae [f.] A Noun beast, animal, creature, wild beast/animal, beast…
circumvenio, circumvenis, circumvenire I, circumvenveni, circumvenventum Verb surround, deceive, trick
credo, credis, credere C, creddidi, credditum Verb believe, trust
dimitto, dimittis, dimittere C, dimisi, dimissum Verb forgive, free, left down (in grace), send away, d…
ego, tu, - Personal Pronoun I, you, he/she/it (personal pronoun)
exstinguo, exstinguis, exstinguere C, exstinxi, exstinctum Verb put out, extinguish, quench, kill, destroy
Facinus, Facinoris [n.] C Noun malpractice, crime
fames, famis [f.] C Noun hunger
immobilis/immobile, immobilis M Adjective immovable, immobile, fixed/unalterable, unmoving/…
immortalis/immortale, immortalis M Adjective not subject to death, immortal
imperator, imperatoris [m.] C Noun imperator, commander/general, emperor
impius/impia/impium, AO Adjective wicked, impious, irreverent, ungodly, showing no …
inhumanus/inhumana/inhumanum, AO Adjective rude, discourteous, churlish, unfeeling, inhuman,…
insula, insulae [f.] A Noun island
integer/integra/integrum, AO Adjective untouched, entire, whole, complete, uninjured, so…
iter, itineris [n.] C Noun journey, route, way, passage
iussu Phrase on demand
Londinium, Londinii [n.] O Noun London
minor, minaris, minari A, minatus sum (Dep.) Verb threaten, speak/act menacingly, make threatening …
neque Conjunction and not, nor, not, neither
neque … neque Phrase neither...nor, no no
nomino, nominas, nominare A, nominavi, nominatum Verb name, call
orno, ornas, ornare A, ornavi, ornatum Verb adorn, decorate
paucus/pauca/paucum, AO Adjective little, small in quantity/extent, few (usu. pl.),…
pristinus/pristina/pristinum, AO Adjective ancient, former, previous
quomodo Adverb (1.) how, in what way, just as (2.) how, in which…
ratis, ratis [f.] M Noun raft, ship, boat
sentio, sentis, sentire I, sensi, sensum Verb feel, perceive, think, experience
situs/sita/situm, AO Adjective laid up, stored, positioned, situated, centered (…
solus/sola/solum, AO Adjective alone, only, the only
species, speciei [f.] E Noun sight, appearance, show, splendor, beauty, kind, …
stringo, stringis, stringere C, strinxi, strictum Verb draw tight, draw, graze, strip off
talis/tale, talis M Adjective such, of such a sort
voluntas, voluntatis [f.] C Noun will, intent, determination, wish, good will
vox, vocis [f.] C Noun voice, voice, sound, word, cry
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