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Vocable Translation
aedificium, aedificii [n.] O Noun building, house
aer, aeris [m.] C Noun air
aliter Adverb otherwise, differently, in any other way [aliter …
candidus/candida/candidum, AO Adjective shining, bright, white, beautiful
capillus, capilli [m.] O Noun hair, hair of head, single hair, hair/fur/wool of…
constituo, constituis, constituere C, constitui, constitutum Verb decide, establish, settle, resolve
construo, construis, construere C, construxi, constructum Verb heap/pile/load (up), make/build/construct, arrang…
cursus, cursus [m.] U Noun running, race, course
dispono, disponis, disponere C, disposui, dispositum Verb dispose, place here and there, distribute, set/la…
divinus/divina/divinum, AO Adjective divine
egregius/egregia/egregium, AO Adjective singular, distinguished, exceptional, extraordina…
exhaurio, exhauris, exhaurire I, exhausi, exhaustum Verb draw out, drain, drink up, empty, exhaust, impove…
exiguus/exigua/exiguum, AO Adjective small, meager, dreary, a little, a bit of, scanty…
explico, explicas, explicare A, explicui, explicitum Verb unfold, extend, set forth, explain
fortis/forte, fortis M Adjective strong, brave, powerful, mighty, vigorous, firm, …
fortitudo, fortitudinis [f.] C Noun strength, power, Strength
frigidus/frigida/frigidum, AO Adjective cold, cool, chilly, frigid, lifeless, indifferent…
fundo, fundis, fundere C, fudi, fusum Verb pour, cast (metals), scatter, shed, rout
item Adverb (1.) likewise, besides, also, similarly (2.) also…
mens, mentis [f.] M Noun mind, spirit
meridies, meridiei [m.] E Noun noon, midday, south
moveo, moves, movere E, movi, motum Verb move, arouse, affect
natus/nata/natum, AO Adjective born, descending (from)
niger/nigra/nigrum, AO Adjective black, dark, unlucky
premo, premis, premere C, pressi, pressum Verb push, beset, oppress
primo Adverb at first, in the first place, at the beginning
privo, privas, privare A, privavi, privatum Verb deprive, rob, free
qua de causa Adverb because (of)
recte Adverb right, proper, straight, honest
sanguis, sanguinis [m.] C Noun blood
Sextus/Sexta/Sextum, AO Adjective Sixth
stupidus/stupida/stupidum, AO Adjective senseless, stunned, stupid, dull
sub Preposition (1.) behind, at the feet of, within, at the appro…
subicio, subicis, subicere M, subjeci, subjectum Verb throw under, place under, make subject, expose
tellus, telluris [f.] C Noun earth, ground, the earth, land, country
tempero, temperas, temperare A, temperavi, temperatum Verb combine, blend, temper, make mild, refrain from, …
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