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Vocable Translation
causa, causae [f.] A Noun reason, cause, case, situation
copia, copiae [f.] A Noun supply, inventory, stock, troops (pl)
duo Numeral (1.) two of (2.) two (3.) two of (4.) two (5.) two
egregius/egregia/egregium, AO Adjective singular, distinguished, exceptional, extraordina…
fundo, fundis, fundere C, fudi, fusum Verb pour, cast (metals), scatter, shed, rout
gens, gentis [f.] M Noun folk, nation, people, tribe, clan, Gentiles
imperator, imperatoris [m.] C Noun imperator, commander/general, emperor
intellego, intellegis, intellegere C, intellexi, intellectum Verb understand, realize, understand
laetitia, laetitiae [f.] A Noun joy/happiness, source of joy/delight, fertility, …
maximus/maxima/maximum, AO Adjective greatest, biggest, largest, longest, oldest, high…
neque Conjunction and not, nor, not, neither
nomino, nominas, nominare A, nominavi, nominatum Verb name, call
praeterea Adverb besides, thereafter, in addition
proelium, proelii [n.] O Noun battle
puto, putas, putare A, putavi, putatum Verb think, clean, trim, reckon, suppose, judge, think…
quem? Other still in translation
quoque Conjunction (1.) also, too (put after), Also, As well as (2.)…
scilicet Adverb one may know, certainly, of course, Of course!, S…
vinco, vincis, vincere C, vici, victum Verb win, conquer, defeat
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