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Vocable Translation
cum + Indikativ Präs./Perf. Preposition when
deus, dei [m.] O Noun god, supreme being, statue of god
Deus, Dei [m.] O Noun God, The Almighty, Lord
diligens, diligentis M Adjective thorough, careful, diligent
dominus, domini [m.] O Noun mister, gentleman, lord
Dominus, Domini [m.] O Noun Lord (Jesus Christ)
domus, domus [f.] U Noun house, home (NB 3 special uses and endings: domi …
Iesus, Iesu [m.] U Noun Jesus
impono, imponis, imponere C, imposui, impositum Verb impose, put upon, establish, inflict, assign/plac…
in interiorem carcerem Phrase still in translation
interficio, interficis, interficere M, interfeci, interfectum Verb kill, destroy
interior, interius, interioris [n.] C Noun those (pl.) within, those nearer racecourse goal,…
latus/lata/latum, AO Adjective wide, broad, spacious, extensive
magistratus, magistratus [m.] U Noun magistrate, office
nolo, non vis, nolle IR, nolui, - Verb be unwilling, wish not, want not, refuse
oportet Phrase (impersonal pronoun) It is necessary for
paratus/parata/paratum, AO Adjective prepared, ready, equipped, provided
perterreo, perterres, perterrere E, perterrui, perterritum Verb frighten greatly, terrify
praeceptum, praecepti [n.] O Noun teaching, lesson, precept, order, command, instru…
praecipio, praecipis, praecipere M, praecepi, praeceptum Verb take or receive in advance, anticipate, warn, ord…
provideo, provides, providere E, providi, provisum Verb foresee, provide for, make provision, with DAT
Quid me facere oportet? Phrase What do I have to do?
salus, salutis [f.] C Noun salutation, greeting, safety, salvation
salvus/salva/salvum, AO Adjective safe, sound
sanctus/sancta/sanctum, AO Adjective sacred, holy
Silas, Silae [m.] A Noun Silas
spes salutis Phrase still in translation
spiritus, spiritus [m.] U Noun (1.) breath, breathing (2.) spirit, soul, courage
Spiritus Sanctus Phrase still in translation
vulnera impono, vulnera imponis, vulnera imponere C, vulnera imposui, vulnera impositum Verb Inflict wounds
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