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Vocable Translation
alo, alis, alere C, alui, altum Verb nourish, support, sustain, increase, cherish
amitto, amittis, amittere C, amisi, amissum Verb lose, let go
aqua, aquae [f.] A Noun water
aut Conjunction (1.) (2.) or (3.) or, either... or (4.) or, eith…
avus, avi [m.] O Noun grandfather, forefather, ancestor
colo, colis, colere C, colui, cultum Verb live in (place), inhabit, till, cultivate, promot…
condo, condis, condere C, condidi, conditum Verb establish, found, put together
conicio, conicis, conicere M, conieci, coniectum Verb throw, put/pile together, conclude, infer, guess,…
creusa Noun still in translation
duodecim Numeral (1.) twelve (2.) 12, twelve (3.) 12, twelve
educo, educas, educare A, educavi, educatum Verb bring up, educate
imperium, imperii [n.] O Noun Empire, Authority, order, command
interficio, interficis, interficere M, interfeci, interfectum Verb (1.) kill, murder, destroy, put and end to (2.) o…
lex, legis [f.] C Noun (1.) law, rule (2.) law, statute, motion, bill, p…
memoria, memoriae [f.] A Noun memory, recollection
mitto, mittis, mittere C, misi, missum Verb send
moenia, moenium [n.] I (Pl.) Noun (city) walls
munio, munis, munire I, munivi, munitum Verb fortify, strengthen, protect, defend, safeguard, …
numquam Adverb (1.) never (2.) never (3.) never
pastor, pastoris [m.] C Noun shepherd, herdsman
perpetuus/perpetua/perpetuum, AO Adjective perpetual, lasting, uninterrupted, continuous
prius Adverb earlier, before, previously, first
projectus/projecta/projectum, AO Adjective jutting out, projecting, precipitate, abject, gro…
puer, pueri [m.] O Noun boy, children (plural)
qui, quae, quod Relative Pronoun who, which, whom, that
regnum, regni [n.] O Noun reign, kingdom, dominion, control(?)
rex, regis [m.] C Noun king
ripa, ripae [f.] A Noun (1.) river bank (2.) riverside (3.) waterside (4.…
Roma, Romae [f.] A Noun Rome
sacerdos, sacerdotis [m.] C Noun priest
satis Adverb enough, adequately, sufficiently, well enough, qu…
Senex Adverb later, after
sex Numeral six
teneo, tenes, tenere E, tenui, tentum Verb hold
trado, tradis, tradere C, tradidi, traditum Verb hand over, surrender, deliver, bequeath, relate
urbs, urbis [f.] M Noun city, town
ut Conjunction that, so that, as, like, how
vallum, valli [n.] O Noun wall, rampart, entrenchment, line of palisades, s…
volo, vis, velle IR, volui, - Verb want, wish
victor, victoris [m.] C Noun winner, victor, conquer
vinculum, vinculi [n.] O Noun bond, chain, fetter
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