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Inherent to Cursus A

Vocable Translation
adversus/adversa/adversum, AO Adjective opposite, adverse
altus/alta/altum, AO Adjective high, deep/profound, shrill, lofty/noble, deep...
aut Conjunction or
civis, civis [m.] C Noun citizen, fellow citizen
cognosco, cognoscis, cognoscere C, cognoscgnovi, cognoscgnitum Verb become acquainted with, learn, recognize, (in...
cura, curae [f.] A Noun care, attention, caution, anxiety
deinde Adverb then/next/afterward, thereon/henceforth/from...
ego, tu, - Personal Pronoun I, you, he/she/it (personal pronoun)
inhumanus/inhumana/inhumanum, AO Adjective rude, discourteous, churlish, unfeeling,...
Mare, Maris [n.] I Noun sea
nomen, nominis [n.] C Noun name
numquam Adverb never
opprimo, opprimis, opprimere C, oppressi, oppressum Verb suppress, overwhelm, overpower, check
patria, patriae [f.] A Noun home, homeland
quare Adverb in what way? how? by which means, whereby,...
reduco, reducis, reducere C, reduxi, reductum Verb bring back, lead back
scribo, scribis, scribere C, scripsi, scriptum Verb write
situs/sita/situm, AO Adjective laid up, stored, positioned, situated, centered (on)
sollicito, sollicitas, sollicitare A, sollicitavi, sollicitatum Verb disturb, worry, stir up, arouse, agitate, incite
sustineo, sustines, sustinere E, sustinui, sustinitum Verb bear, withstand, tolerate
tam Adverb so, so much (as), to such an extent/degree,...
una Adverb together, together with, at the same time, along with
vendo, vendis, vendere C, vendidi, venditum Verb sell
vis, vis [f.] I Noun force, power, violence

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