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Inherent to Cursus A

Vocable Translation
abduco, abducis, abducere C, abduxi, abductum Verb lead away, carry off, detach, attract away, entic…
ad Preposition (1.) to, toward, near, at, in, by, about (with nu…
alius/alia/aliud, AO Adjective someone else, other, another
arma, armorum [n.] O (Pl.) Noun weapons
auxilium, auxilii [n.] O Noun help, aid
defendo, defendis, defendere C, defendi, defensum Verb ward off, defend, protect
femina, feminae [f.] A Noun woman
laetus/laeta/laetum, AO Adjective happy, cheerful
maestus/maesta/maestum, AO Adjective sad/unhappy, mournful/gloomy, mourning, stern/gri…
magnus/magna/magnum, AO Adjective big, great
mater, matris [f.] M Noun mother, foster mother, lady, matron, origin, sour…
multus/multa/multum, AO Adjective much, many
nauta, nautae [m.] A Noun sailor
navis, navis [f.] M Noun boat, ship
neco, necas, necare A, necavi, necatum Verb kill
novus/nova/novum, AO Adjective new
pirata, piratae [m.] A Noun pirate
praecipito, praecipitas, praecipitare A, praecipitavi, praecipitatum Verb throw headlong, cast down
pugno, pugnas, pugnare A, pugnavi, pugnatum Verb fight, battle
secundus/secunda/secundum, AO Adjective second, favorable
solus/sola/solum, AO Adjective alone, only, the only
supero, superas, superare A, superavi, superatum Verb beat, defeat, exceed, overcome, conquer, surpass
terra, terrae [f.] A Noun land, earth
ubique Adverb anywhere, everywhere (ubiquitous)
ventus, venti [m.] O Noun wind
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