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Inherent to Prima Nova

Vocable Translation
adduco, adducis, adducere C, adduxi, adductum Verb lead, prompt, induce
amicitia, amicitiae [f.] A Noun friendship
auctoritas, auctoritatis [f.] C Noun reputation
castra, castrae [f.] A Noun camp, base, castle
centum Other 100, hundred
conscribo, conscribis, conscribere C, conscripsi, conscriptum Verb enroll/enlist/raise (army), write on/down,...
consido, considis, considere C, considsedi, considsessum Verb sit down, sit
cum Conjunction when, at the time/on each occasion/in the...
cursus, cursus [m.] U Noun running, race, course
demonstro, demonstras, demonstrare A, demonstravi, demonstratum Verb point out, show, demonstrate
efficio, efficis, efficere M, effeci, effectum Verb bring about, effect, execute, cause,...
facilis/facile, facilis M Adjective easy, agreeable
libertas, libertatis [f.] C Noun freedom
licentia, licentiae [f.] A Noun freedom, liberty, license, disorderliness,...
ne Other not, (intro clause of purpose with subj verb),...
obses, obsidis [m.] C Noun hostage, pledge, security
posco, poscis, poscere C, poposci, - Verb ask, demand
princeps, principis [m.] C Noun imperator
revoco, revocas, revocare A, revocavi, revocatum Verb call back, recall, revive, regain
ut Conjunction that, so that
vicus, vici [m.] O Noun village, hamlet, street, row of houses

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