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Vocable Translation
accido, accidis, accidere C, accidi, - Verb fall upon/down/to/at or near, descend, alight, ha…
adventus, adventus [m.] U Noun Arrival
cedo, cedis, cedere C, cessi, cessum Verb run, go, pass (from/away), withdraw, retire. leav…
cogo, cogis, cogere C, coegi, coactum Verb force, gather
dedo, dedis, dedere C, dedidi, deditumum Verb extradite, pass (sth.)
deesse Other luck, want, feel, be absent, abandon, fail, be aw…
dies, diei [m.] E Noun (1.) Day (2.) day, Day, Diary (3.) Day
educo, educis, educere C, eduxi, eductum Verb lead out, draw up, bring up, rear
fides, fidei [f.] E Noun faith, trust, confidence, Faith, Confidence
flamma, flammae [f.] A Noun flame
furor, furoris [m.] C Noun madness, rage, fury, frenzy, passionate love
incendo, incendis, incendere C, incendi, incensum Verb to set fire to, kindle, burn, set on fire, set fi…
Italia, Italiae [f.] A Noun (1.) Italy (2.) Italy
levis/leve, levis M Adjective light, slight, easy, trivial
liberus/libera/liberum, AO Adjective free
malum, mali [n.] O Noun apple, fruit, lemon, quince
pudeo, pudes, pudere E, pudui, puditum Verb be ashamed, make ashamed, [me pudet => I am asham…
quasi Adverb like, how
quisnam Other who, which, what (?)
quo Adverb where
ratio, rationis [f.] C Noun reckoning, account, reason, judgement, considerat…
res, rei [f.] E Noun thing, matter, business, affair
satis Adverb enough, adequately, sufficiently, well enough, qu…
sollicito, sollicitas, sollicitare A, sollicitavi, sollicitatum Verb disturb, worry, stir up, arouse, agitate, incite
spes, spei [f.] E Noun hope, expectation, ||Spes, goddess of hope, hope …
vastus/vasta/vastum, AO Adjective huge, vast, monstrous
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