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Inherent to Prima Nova

Vocable Translation
a, ab+Abl. Preposition by, of, from
ab Preposition from
alo, alis, alere C, alui, altum Verb nourish, support, sustain, increase, cherish
calamitas, calamitatis [f.] C Noun loss, damage, harm, misfortune/disaster,...
colo, colis, colere C, colui, cultum Verb live in (place), inhabit, till, cultivate,...
compleo, comples, complere E, complevi, completum Verb fill (up/in), be big enough to fill, occupy...
compono, componis, componere C, composui, compositum Verb compare, add, place, put, collect together,...
corripio, corripis, corripere M, corripui, correptum Verb seize, grasp, snatch up, lay hold of, sweep...
credo, credis, credere C, creddidi, credditum Verb believe, trust
cupio, cupis, cupere M, cupivi, cupitum Verb desire, wish, long for
depono, deponis, deponere C, deposivi, depositum Verb put, lay down/aside/away, let drop, let fall,...
ego, tu, - Personal Pronoun I, you, he/she/it (personal pronoun)
enim Conjunction namely (postpos.), indeed, in fact, for, I...
esse, sum, fui Verb be
fleo, fles, flere E, flevi, fletum Verb weep
frustra Adverb in vain, for nothing, to no purpose
hostis, hostis [m.] M Noun enemy
ira, irae [f.] A Noun anger, wrath, rage
lacrima, lacrimae [f.] A Noun tear, teardrop
Londinium, Londinii [n.] O Noun London
maritus, mariti [m.] O Noun Husband, Wife
munio, munis, munire I, munivi, munitum Verb fortify, strengthen, protect, defend,...
murus, muri [m.] O Noun wall, city wall
neco, necas, necare A, necavi, necatum Verb kill
nex, necis [f.] C Noun death, murder
o Interjection Oh!
Petio, Petis, Petire I, Petivi, Petitum Verb go , attack, ask for
possum, potes, posse IR, potui, - Verb be able , can
prohibeo, prohibes, prohibere E, prohibui, prohibitum Verb keep (back), prevent, hinder, restrain, prohibit
ripa, ripae [f.] A Noun bank
Sororis, is [f.] C Noun brother
teneo, tenes, tenere E, tenui, tentum Verb hold
ubi Adverb where, in what place, (time) when, whenever,...
volo, vis, velle IR, volui, - Verb want, wish
vir, viri [m.] O Noun man, guy

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