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Vocable Translation
adeo Adverb to such a degree/pass/point, precisely, exactly, …
afficio, afficis, afficere M, affeci, affectum Verb manage, influence, make
comparo, comparas, comparare A, comparavi, comparatum Verb prepare, provide, compose, collect, get together/…
factum, facti [n.] O Noun deed, act, achievement
forte Adverb randomly, accidentally
ignarus/ignara/ignarum, AO Adjective ignorant, unaware, having no experience of, sense…
iniquus/iniqua/iniquum, AO Adjective unjust, unfair, disadvantageous, uneven, unkind, …
invidia, invidiae [f.] A Noun envy, jealousy, hatred, discontent
Londinium, Londinii [n.] O Noun London
nudus/nuda/nudum, AO Adjective naked, nude
odium, odii [n.] O Noun hatred
omitto, omittis, omittere C, omisi, omissum Verb lay aside, omit, let go, disregard
opinio, opinionis [f.] C Noun belief, idea, opinion, rumor (Plater)
pergo, pergis, pergere C, perrexi, perrectum Verb go on, proceed
praesertim Adverb especially, particularly
praeterire Other still in translation
pudor, pudoris [m.] C Noun decency, shame, sense of honor, modesty, bashfuln…
quasi Adverb like, how
quemadmodum Adverb in what way, how, as, just as, to the extent that
stultus/stulta/stultum, AO Adjective foolish, stupid
tot Adverb so many
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