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Inherent to Prima B

Vocable Translation
ceno, cenas, cenare A, cenavi, cenatum Verb eat
egregius/egregia/egregium, AO Adjective singular, distinguished, exceptional,...
genus, generis [n.] C Noun origin, kind, sort, class, sex
inde Adverb hence, henceforth, from that place/time/cause,...
ingenium, ingenii [n.] O Noun nature, innate talent
Londinium, Londinii [n.] O Noun London
militaris/militare, militaris M Adjective military, military-
multum, multi [n.] O Noun many things (pl.), much, many
nosco, noscis, noscere C, novi, notum Verb get to know, learn, find out, become cognizant...
ob Preposition on account of, for the sake of, for, instead...
otium, otii [n.] O Noun leisure, rest, recovery
pertineo, pertines, pertinere E, pertinui, pertentum Verb reach, extend, relate to, concerns, pertain to
postremo Adverb eventually, finally
praeesse Other not yet translated :(
rectus/recta/rectum, AO Adjective right, proper, straight, honest
sumptus, sumptus [m.] U Noun cost, charge, expense
varius/varia/varium, AO Adjective different, various, diverse, changing,...
voluptas, voluptatis [f.] C Noun pleasure

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