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Inherent to Prima B

Vocable Translation
acer, aceris [n.] C Noun maple tree, wood of the maple tree, maple
careo, cares, carere E, carui, cariturusum Verb be without, be deprived of, want, lack; be free from
carus/cara/carum, AO Adjective dear
communis/commune, communis M Adjective common, general, of the community, for the community
conspicio, conspicis, conspicere M, conspexi, conspectum Verb spot, see
dulcis/dulce, dulcis M Adjective pleasant, charming, sweet, kind, dear, soft,...
educo, educis, educere C, eduxi, eductum Verb lead out, draw up, bring up, rear
effugio, effugis, effugere M, effugi, effugitum Verb flee, escape, run, slip, keep away (from),...
evenio, evenis, evenire I, eveni, eventum Verb come out, come about, come forth, happen, turn out
extra Preposition beyond, outside
familiaris/familiare, familiaris M Adjective domestic, of family, intimate, [familiaris res...
hic, haec, hoc Demonstrative Pronoun this, that
ignis, ignis [m.] C Noun fire
numen, numinis [n.] C Noun divine will, divinity, god
Parvus/Parva/Parvum, Parvi M Adjective small, little
retineo, retines, retinere E, retinui, retentum Verb hold back, restrain, uphold, delay, hold fast,...
saepe Adverb often
saevus/saeva/saevum, AO Adjective savage, fierce, ferocious, violent, wild,...
se praebere Phrase show myself, show yourself
sedes, sedis [f.] C Noun seat, home, residence, settlement, habitation, chair
umbra, umbrae [f.] A Noun shade, ghost, shadow

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