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Inherent to Prima B

Vocable Translation
accido, accidis, accidere C, accidi, - Verb fall upon/down/to/at or near, descend, alight,...
cedo, cedis, cedere C, cessi, cedum Verb go, withdraw, yield to, grant, submit
cogo, cogis, cogere C, coegi, coactum Verb force, gather
dedo, dedis, dedere C, dedidi, deditumum Verb extradite, pass (sth.)
deesse Other luck, want, feel, be absent, abandon, fail, be away
dies, diei [m.] E Noun day
fides, fidei [f.] E Noun faith, trust, confidence
flamma, flammae [f.] A Noun flame
furor, furoris [m.] C Noun madness, rage, fury, frenzy, passionate love
hic, haec, hoc Demonstrative Pronoun this, that
incendo, incendis, incendere C, incendi, incensum Verb set on fire, set fire to, kindle, burn, cause...
levis/leve, levis M Adjective light, slight, easy, trivial
liberus/libera/liberum, AO Adjective free
malus/mala/malum, AO Adjective bad, evil, wicked, ugly, unlucky
pudeo, pudes, pudere E, pudui, puditum Verb be ashamed, make ashamed, [me pudet => I am ashamed]
quasi Adverb like, how, quasi
quisnam Other who, which, what (?)
quo Adverb where
ratio, rationis [f.] C Noun reckoning, account, reason, judgement,...
res, rei [f.] E Noun thing, matter, business, affair
satis Adverb enough, adequately, sufficiently, well enough,...
sollicito, sollicitas, sollicitare A, sollicitavi, sollicitatum Verb disturb, worry, stir up, arouse, agitate, incite
spes, spei [f.] E Noun hope
torqueo, torques, torquere E, torsi, tortum Verb turn, twist, hurl, torture, torment, bend,...
vastus/vasta/vastum, AO Adjective huge, vast, monstrous

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