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Inherent to Prima B

Vocable Translation
cado, cadis, cadere C, cecidi, cadum Verb fall
caelum, caeli [n.] O Noun heaven, sky
demitto, demittis, demittere C, demisi, demissum Verb drop, let fall, sink, send/cast/go/flow/float/slo…
domus, domus [f.] U Noun house, home (NB 3 special uses and endings: domi …
fluctus, fluctus [m.] U Noun wave, disorder, flood, flow, tide, billow, surge,…
gemitus, gemitus [m.] U Noun groan, sigh, roaring
idem, eadem, idem Phrase same, similar
intra Preposition in, within, inside
luctus, luctus [m.] U Noun grief, sorrow, lamentation, mourning, cause of gr…
magistratus, magistratus [m.] U Noun magistrate, office
manus, manus [f.] U Noun hand, band (of men)
memor, memoris M Adjective remembering, mindful (of w/GEN), grateful, unforg…
metus, metus [m.] U Noun fear, dread, anxiety
motus, motus [m.] U Noun movement, motion, riot, commotion, disturbance, g…
neglego, neglegis, neglegere C, neglegxi, neglegctum Verb neglect, disregard
nomino, nominas, nominare A, nominavi, nominatum Verb name, call
persuadeo, persuades, persuadere E, persuasi, persuasum Verb make sweet, persuade
plenus/plena/plenum, AO Adjective full (of)
programmo, programmas, programmare A, programmavi, programmatum Verb program (data processing)
quare Adverb in what way? how? by which means, whereby, why, w…
sacer/sacra/sacrum, AO Adjective sacred, holy, consecrated, accursed, horrible, de…
senatus, senatus [m.] U Noun senate
tendo, tendis, tendere C, tetendi, tensum Verb stretch/spread/extend, distend, aim/direct weapon…
terra, terrae [f.] A Noun land, earth
verto, vertis, vertere C, verti, versum Verb turn, change, advert

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