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Vocable Translation
at Conjunction (1.) but, but on the other hand, on the contrary,…
captivus/captiva/captivum, AO Adjective prisoner
celeritas, celeritatis [f.] C Noun speed, quickness, rapidity, speed of action, disp…
ceterus/cetera/ceterum, AO Adjective remaining, rest
desidero, desideras, desiderare A, desideravi, desideratum Verb desire, long for, miss
finis, finis [m.] C Noun end, limit, border, boundary, (plural) territory
hic, haec, hoc Demonstrative Pronoun this, that
mare, maris [n.] I Noun sea, moon plains
nauta, nautae [m.] A Noun sailor
neque … neque Phrase neither...nor, no no
obscurus/obscura/obscurum, AO Adjective dim, dark, obscure, dusky, shadowy, only faintly/…
observo, observas, observare A, observavi, observatum Verb watch, observe, heed
pirata, piratae [m.] A Noun pirate
quiesco, quiescis, quiescere C, quievi, quietum Verb rest, keep quiet/calm, be at peace/rest, be inact…
quotiens Adverb how often, as often as
sceleratus/scelerata/sceleratum, AO Adjective criminal, wicked, accursed, lying under a ban, si…
sedeo, sedes, sedere E, sedi, sessum Verb sit
traho, trahis, trahere C, traxi, tractum Verb draw, drag, derive, assume, acquire, influence, c…
turbo, turbas, turbare A, turbavi, turbatum Verb disturb, agitate, throw into confusion
unda, undae [f.] A Noun wave, billow, water, sea
ventus, venti [m.] O Noun wind
volo, volas, volare A, volavi, volatum Verb fly, wish, want
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