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Vocable Translation
annus, anni [m.] O Noun year
aurum, auri [n.] O Noun gold
conicio, conicis, conicere M, conieci, coniectum Verb throw, put/pile together, conclude, infer, guess,…
contentus/contenta/contentum, AO Adjective content, satisfied (w/ABL), content with, pleased…
copia, copiae [f.] A Noun supply, inventory, stock, troops (pl)
corpus, corporis [n.] C Noun body, corpus
dum Conjunction (1.) during, as long as, until, while (2.) while,…
ego, tu, - Personal Pronoun I, you, he/she/it (personal pronoun)
etsi Conjunction even, though, although
hora, horae [f.] A Noun hour, time, season
imperium, imperii [n.] O Noun Empire, Authority, order, command
ingens, ingentis M Adjective not natural, immoderate, huge, vast, enormous, mi…
inimicus, inimici [m.] O Noun unfriendly, hostile
monumentum, monumenti [n.] O Noun monument, tomb
navis, navis [f.] M Noun boat, ship
novus/nova/novum, AO Adjective new
perspicio, perspicis, perspicere M, perspexi, perspectum Verb see through, examine, observe
potens, potentis M Adjective powerful, strong, capable, mighty
potentia, potentiae [f.] A Noun force, power, political power
praesto, praestas, praestare A, praestiti, praestitum Verb (1.) excel (2.) exhibit, show, offer, supply, fur…
programmo, programmas, programmare A, programmavi, programmatum Verb program (data processing)
pulcher/pulchra/pulchrum, AO Adjective beautiful, pretty
quamquam Conjunction though, although, yet, nevertheless, also
regnum, regni [n.] O Noun reign, kingdom, dominion, control(?)
tempero, temperas, temperare A, temperavi, temperatum Verb combine, blend, temper, make mild, refrain from, …
valeo, vales, valere E, valui, valiturum Verb (1.) be strong, have power (2.) be well
vehemens, vehementis M Adjective violent, severe, vehement, emphatic, vigorous, li…
verus/vera/verum, AO Adjective true, real, proper
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