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Vocable Translation
accido, accidis, accidere C, accidi, - Verb fall upon/down/to/at or near, descend, alight, ha…
amo, amas, amare A, amavi, amatum Verb love
bestia, bestiae [f.] A Noun beast, animal, creature, wild beast/animal, beast…
colligo, colligis, colligere C, collegi, collectum Verb collect, assemble, bring/gather/hold/keep togethe…
comes, comitis [m.] C Noun companion, friend
cum Conjunction with, when, at the time/on each occasion/in the s…
depono, deponis, deponere C, deponposui, deponpositum Verb still in translation
dum Conjunction (1.) during, as long as, until, while (2.) while,…
duo Numeral (1.) two of (2.) two (3.) two of (4.) two (5.) two
effugio, effugis, effugere M, effugi, effugitum Verb flee, escape, run, slip, keep away (from), eschew…
equidem Adverb truly, indeed, for my part
explico, explicas, explicare A, explicavi, explicatum Verb (1.) unfold, explain (2.) spread out, deploy
expono, exponis, exponere C, exposui, expositum Verb set forth, explain, expose
fama, famae [f.] A Noun (1.) rumor, report (2.) fame, reputation
fidus/fida/fidum, AO Adjective faithful, loyal, trusting, confident
finis, finis [m.] C Noun end, limit, border, boundary, (plural) territory
flecto, flectis, flectere C, flexi, flexum Verb bend, curve, bow, turn, curl, persuade, prevail o…
hospes, hospitis [m.] C Noun guest, host, friend
hostis, hostis [m.] M Noun enemy
idem, eadem, idem Demonstrative Pronoun the same, same, similar, the very same
indico, indicas, indicare A, indicavi, indicatum Verb point out, show, indicate, expose, betray, reveal…
insidia, insidiae [f.] A Noun ambush/ambuscade (pl.), plot, treachery, treacher…
inter (+ acc.) Preposition between, among, amid
interficio, interficis, interficere M, interfeci, interfectum Verb (1.) kill, murder, destroy, put and end to (2.) o…
invicem Adverb in turn, by turns, reciprocally/mutually, [ab inv…
ius, iuris [n.] C Noun right, justice, (legal) bond
labor, laboris [m.] C Noun work, effort
litus, litoris [n.] C Noun coast, shore
lupus, lupi [m.] O Noun wolf
magus, magi [m.] O Noun wise/learned man, magician (Persian), astrologer
mors, mortis [f.] C Noun death
mortem obire Phrase still in translation
natus/a sum Phrase still in translation
nego, negas, negare A, negavi, negatum Verb deny, say that...not, to deny, say that... not
nimis Adverb very much, too much, exceedingly, Too much
numquam Adverb never
nunc … nunc Phrase still in translation
nuntio, nuntias, nuntiare A, nuntiavi, nuntiatum Verb report
obsido, obsidis, obsidere C, obsedi, obsessum Verb blockade, besiege, invest, beset, take possession…
occultus/occulta/occultum, AO Adjective hidden, secret, [in occulto => secretly]
olim Adverb formerly, once, once upon a time, in the future, …
oppidum, oppidi [n.] O Noun town, city
orbis, orbis [m.] M Noun circle, region/territory, defines circular objects
perdo, perdis, perdere C, perdidi, perditum Verb ruin, destroy, lose, waste
periculum, periculi [n.] O Noun danger, risk
posco, poscis, poscere C, poposci, - Verb ask, demand
postquam Conjunction after
postridie Adverb on the following day, the next day, On the follow…
quod Conjunction (1.) for the reason that, due to the fact that, a…
quondam Adverb formerly, once, at one time, some day, hereafter
recedo, recedis, recedere C, recessi, recessum Verb recede, go back, withdraw, ebb, retreat, retire, …
regnum, regni [n.] O Noun reign, kingdom, dominion, control(?)
rursus Adverb turned back, backward, on the contrary/other hand…
secum Other with (oneself)
servo, servas, servare A, servavi, servatum Verb preserve, save, keep, guard
succedo, succedis, succedere C, successi, successum Verb climb, advance, follow, succeed in
sumo, sumis, sumere C, sumpsi, sumptum Verb take
tamquam Conjunction as, just as, just as if, as it were, so to speak,…
tango, tangis, tangere C, tetigi, tactum Verb touch, strike, border on, influence, mention
terra, terrae [f.] A Noun land, earth
timor, timoris [m.] C Noun anxiety, fear
unda, undae [f.] A Noun wave, billow, water, sea
venenum, veneni [n.] O Noun poison, drug
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