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Inherent to Ostia Altera

Vocable Translation
advoco, advocas, advocare A, advocavi, advocatum Verb call, summon, invite, convoke, call for, call...
agmen, agminis [n.] C Noun stream, herd, flock, troop, crowd, marching...
angustus/angusta/angustum, AO Adjective narrow, steep, close, confined, scanty, poor,...
antiquus/antiqua/antiquum, AO Adjective ancient, old-time
appello, appellas, appellare A, appellavi, appellatum Verb call
aspicio, aspicis, aspicere M, aspexi, aspectum Verb look/gaze on/at, see, observe, behold, regard,...
caput, capitis [n.] C Noun head, leader, beginning, life, heading, chapter
carmen, carminis [n.] C Noun song
civis, civis [m.] C Noun citizen, fellow citizen
clamor, clamoris [m.] C Noun shout, outcry/protest, loud shouting...
cognosco, cognoscis, cognoscere C, cognoscgnovi, cognoscgnitum Verb become acquainted with, learn, recognize, (in...
credo, credis, credere C, creddidi, credditum Verb believe, trust
creusa Noun not yet translated :(
dignus/digna/dignum, AO Adjective worthy, dignified
dives, divitis M Adjective rich/wealthy, costly, fertile/productive...
efficio, efficis, efficere M, effeci, effectum Verb bring about, effect, execute, cause,...
emo, emis, emere C, emi, emptum Verb buy, purchase
factum, facti [n.] O Noun deed, act, achievement
fingo, fingis, fingere C, finxi, fictum Verb mold, form, shape, create, invent, produce,...
gens, gentis [f.] C Noun folk, nation, people
genus, generis [n.] C Noun origin, kind, sort, class, sex
homo, hominis [m.] C Noun human
honor, honoris [m.] C Noun honor
ignotus/ignota/ignotum, AO Adjective unknown, strange, unacquainted with, ignorant of
imperator, imperatoris [m.] C Noun imperator, commander/general, emperor
imperium, imperii [n.] O Noun command, imperium, sovereignty
impono, imponis, imponere C, imposui, impositum Verb impose, put upon, establish, inflict,...
interrumpo, interrumpis, interrumpere C, interrupi, interruptum Verb drive a gap in, break up, cut short, interrupt
italia, italiae [f.] A Noun Italy
iter, itineris [n.] C Noun journey
laus, laudis [f.] C Noun praise, glory, fame
magnus/magna/magnum, AO Adjective big, great
mater, matris [f.] M Noun mother
memoria, memoriae [f.] A Noun memory, recollection
mens, mentis [f.] M Noun mind, spirit
miles, militis [m.] C Noun soldier
modus, modi [m.] O Noun measure, bound, limit; manner, method, mode, way
mons, montis [m.] M Noun mountain
mortuus/mortua/mortuum, AO Adjective dead
mos, moris [m.] C Noun habit, custom, manner, (plural) habits, character
mulier, mulieris [f.] C Noun woman
multitudo, multitudinis [f.] C Noun multitude, great number, crowd
nomen, nominis [n.] C Noun name
nosco, noscis, noscere C, novi, notum Verb get to know, learn, find out, become cognizant...
nullus/nulla/nullum, AO Adjective not any, no, none
oratio, oratonis [f.] C Noun speech
orator, oratoris [m.] C Noun orator, speaker
ostendo, ostendis, ostendere C, ostendi, ostentum Verb exhibit, show, display
pars, partis [f.] M Noun part
pater, patris [m.] C Noun father
pauper, pauperis M Adjective poor
pectus, pectoris [n.] C Noun breast, heart
populus, populi [m.] O Noun population
praeda, praedae [f.] A Noun booty, loot, spoils, plunder, prey
prodo, prodis, prodere C, prodidi, proditum Verb project, thrust forward, bring forth, produce,...
resisto, resistis, resistere C, restiti, resistum Verb resist, oppose
rostrum, rostri [n.] O Noun beak, curved bow (of a ship), speaker's...
sacerdos, sacerdotis [m.] C Noun priest
senator, senatoris [m.] C Noun senator
spectator, spectatoris [m.] C Noun spectator
summus/summa/summum, AO Adjective highest, furthest
supra Adverb on top, more, above, before, formerly
tempus, temporis [n.] C Noun time, occasion, opportunity
toga, togae [f.] A Noun toga, (outer garment of Roman citizen)
totus/tota/totum, AO Adjective whole, entire
urbs, urbis [f.] M Noun city, town
uxor, uxoris [f.] C Noun wife
verus/vera/verum, AO Adjective true, real, proper
victor, victoris [m.] C Noun winner, victor, conquer
victoria, victoriae [f.] A Noun victory, win
virtus, virtutis [f.] C Noun bravery, fortitude, virtue
vivus/viva/vivum, AO Adjective alive, living
Voci Mundi, is [f.] C Noun voice

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