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Inherent to Ostia Altera

Vocable Translation
ager, agri [m.] O Noun field, ground, farm, land, estate, park,...
ago, agis, agere C, egi, actusum Verb drive, lead, do, act, pass, spend
amica, amicae [f.] A Noun friend (f.)
appareo, appares, apparere E, apparui, apparum Verb not yet translated :(
aut … aut Phrase not yet translated :(
bonus/bona/bonum, AO Adjective good
carus/cara/carum, AO Adjective dear
cena, cenae [f.] A Noun food, meal
colo, colis, colere C, colui, cultum Verb live in (place), inhabit, till, cultivate,...
convivo, convivas, convivare A, convivavi, convivatum Verb give/attend dinner party/banquet, carouse,...
cresco, crescis, crescere C, crevi, cretum Verb come forth/to be, arise/spring (from), be...
discedo, discedis, discedere C, discessi, discessum Verb go away, depart
ergo Adverb therefore, well, then, now
exiguus/exigua/exiguum, AO Adjective small, meager, dreary, a little, a bit of,...
forte Adverb randomly, accidentally
gaudeo, gaudes, gaudere E, -, gavisum Verb delight, be glad, rejoice (Semidep.)
gratia, gratiae [f.] A Noun thanks
habeo, habes, habere E, habui, habitum Verb have
hora, horae [f.] A Noun hour
ignoro, ignoras, ignorare A, ignoravi, ignoratum Verb not know, be unfamiliar with, disregard,...
invenio, invenis, invenire I, invenveni, invenventum Verb come upon, find
is, ea, id Demonstrative Pronoun this
maestus/maesta/maestum, AO Adjective sad/unhappy, mournful/gloomy, mourning,...
magnus/magna/magnum, AO Adjective big, great
meum est Phrase not yet translated :(
meus/mea/meum, AO Adjective my
multum, multi [n.] O Noun many things (pl.), much, many
nemo, neminis [m. or f.] C Noun no one, nobody
neque … neque Phrase not yet translated :(
nihil Pronoun nothing
nihil/non nisi Phrase not yet translated :(
nisi Conjunction if not, except, unless
non ignorare Phrase not yet translated :(
noster, nostri [m.] O Noun our men (pl.)
noster/nostra/nostrum, AO Adjective our
numerus, numeri [m.] O Noun number, count
nuntius, nuntii [m.] O Noun envoy, messenger, message
ostiarius, ostiarii [m.] O Noun doorkeeper
parvus/parva/parvum, AO Adjective small
pecunia, pecuniae [f.] A Noun money
piger/pigra/pigrum, AO Adjective lazy, slow, dull
plenus/plena/plenum, AO Adjective full, plump, satisfied
quam Pronoun like, how
quis Pronoun who?
rusticus, rustici [m.] O Noun peasant, farmer
salveo, salves, salvere E, -, - Verb be well/in good health, [salve =>...
tectum, tecti [n.] O Noun roof, ceiling, house
teneo, tenes, tenere E, tenui, tentum Verb hold
terra, terrae [f.] A Noun land, earth
trado, tradis, tradere C, tradidi, traditum Verb hand over, surrender, deliver, bequeath, relate
tuus/tua/tuum, AO Adjective your
unus/una/unum, AO Adjective one
varius/varia/varium, AO Adjective different, various, diverse, changing,...
vereor, vereris, vereri E, vertus sum (Dep.) Verb show reverence for, respect; be afraid of, fear
vester/vestra/vestrum, AO Adjective your (pl.), of/belonging to/associated with you
vestrus/vestra/vestrum, AO Adjective your, yours (plural)
vinum, vini [n.] O Noun wine

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