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Inherent to Medias in Res

Vocable Translation
adeo Adverb to such a degree/pass/point, precisely, exactly, …
afficio, afficis, afficere M, affeci, affectum Verb manage, influence, make
antiquus/antiqua/antiquum, AO Adjective ancient, old-time, antique
cogo, cogis, cogere C, coegi, coactum Verb force, gather
comprehendo, comprehendis, comprehendere C, comprehendndi, comprehendprehensum Verb grasp, seize, arrest, comprehend, understand
consul, consulis [m.] C Noun consul
convoco, convocas, convocare A, convocavi, convocatum Verb call, bring together, assemble, convoke, convene,…
divitia, divitiae [f.] A Noun riches (pl.), wealth
exilium, exilii [n.] O Noun exile
ferraus/ferraa/ferraum, AO Adjective bound or covered with iron, with iron points or s…
ferus/fera/ferum, AO Adjective wild, savage, uncivilized, untamed, fierce
incola, incolae [m.] A Noun Inhabitant
eo, is, ire IR, ii, - Verb go
iubeo, iubes, iubere E, iussi, iussum Verb command, order, require
iudicium, iudicii [n.] O Noun judgement, decision, opinion, trial
ius, iuris [n.] C Noun right, justice
iustitia, iustitiae [f.] A Noun justice, equity
iuvenis, iuvenis [m.] M Noun young man, juvenile
littera, litterae [f.] A Noun a letter of the alphabet, (plural) a letter, lite…
nobilitas, nobilitatis [f.] C Noun nobility, aristocracy
oratio, oratonis [f.] C Noun speech
orator, oratoris [m.] C Noun orator, speaker
priusquam Conjunction before, until, sooner than
projectus/projecta/projectum, AO Adjective jutting out, projecting, precipitate, abject, gro…
provincia, provinciae [f.] A Noun province
res publica Phrase Pertaining to the state or public
Roma, Romae [f.] A Noun Rome
senator, senatoris [m.] C Noun senator
socius, socii [m.] O Noun companion
sponte sua Phrase still in translation
studeo, studes, studere E, studui, - Verb direct one's zeal, be eager for, study

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