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Vocable Translation
nonnulli/nonnullae/nonnulla, AO Adjective several, some, a few
animus, animi [m.] O Noun sense, mind, bravery, soul, spirit, courage, heart
aqua, aquae [f.] A Noun water
delecto, delectas, delectare A, delectavi, delectatum Verb please (sb.), delight (sb).
ego/tu Other still in translation
Graecus, Graeci [m.] O Noun Greek
in animo habere Phrase (to) intend, (to) plan
inquam, inquis, inquere C, inquii, inquum Verb say
ita Adverb so, in such a way
iterum Adverb again, however
licet, 2. licuit Verb it's allowed, it's possible
maneo, manes, manere E, mansi, mansum Verb stay, remain, waiting for (tr)
me/te/se Other still in translation
mihi/tibi/sibi Other still in translation
minime Adverb by no means, anything but
nobis/vobis Other still in translation
nobiscum/vobiscum Other with us, with them
nonne Other (1.) surely (2.) no?, not?, not? (interog, expect…
nos/vos Pronoun still in translation
num Particle what? (in direct questions), if, whether, now, su…
otium, otii [n.] O Noun leisure, rest, recovery
propero, properas, properare A, properavi, properatum Verb bolt, rush, hurry
quis nostrum/vestrum Phrase still in translation
quoque Conjunction (1.) also, too (put after), Also, As well as (2.)…
salto, saltas, saltare A, saltavi, saltatum Verb dance, jump, portray or represent in a dance
terreo, terres, terrere E, terrui, territum Verb frighten, terrify
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