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Inherent to Felix Neu

Vocable Translation
animadverto, animadvertis, animadvertere C, animadvertti, animadvertversum Verb pay attention, focus, notice, observe, estimate, …
audacia, audaciae [f.] A Noun boldness, daring, courage, confidence, recklessne…
bono animo esse Phrase still in translation
conduco, conducis, conducere C, conduxi, conductum Verb be of advantage, be profitable, be expedient, be …
conicio, conicis, conicere M, conjeci, conjectum Verb throw, put/pile together, conclude, infer, guess,…
cresco, crescis, crescere C, crevi, cretum Verb increase, come forth/to be, arise/spring (from), …
dimitto, dimittis, dimittere C, dimisi, dimissum Verb forgive, free
in vincula conicere Phrase still in translation
ne Other not, [ne....quidem => not even], truly, indeed, v…
nunc vero Phrase still in translation
obses, obsidis [m.] C Noun hostage, pledge, security
odio esse Phrase still in translation
ops, opis [f.] C Noun help, aid, (plural) power, resources, wealth
parco, parcis, parcere C, peperci, parsurum Verb be lenient, spare
poeta, poetae [m.] A Noun poet
praesto, praestas, praestare A, praestiti, praestitum Verb (1.) excel (2.) exhibit, show, offer, supply, fur…
recito, recitas, recitare A, recitavi, recitatum Verb read (aloud), present
Rhodum Other still in translation
se praestare Phrase still in translation
sumo, sumis, sumere C, sumpsi, sumptum Verb take
supplicium subire Phrase still in translation
supplicium sumere Phrase still in translation
terra, terrae [f.] A Noun land, earth
ut Conjunction that, so that
ut non Phrase as not
verum, veri [n.] O Noun truth, reality, fact

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