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Vocable Translation
beneficium, beneficii [n.] O Noun boon, benefit
dictum, dicti [n.] O Noun words/utterance/remark, one's word/promise, sayin…
divitia, divitiae [f.] A Noun riches (pl.), wealth
expello, expellis, expellere C, expuli, expulsum Verb drive out, expel, banish, disown, reject
factum, facti [n.] O Noun deed, act, achievement
habito, habitas, habitare A, habitavi, habitatum Verb reside, live, dwell
habitus, habitus [m.] U Noun condition, state, garment/dress/"get-up", express…
incola, incolae [m.] A Noun Inhabitant
induo, induis, induere C, indui, indutum Verb put on, clothe, cover, dress oneself in, [se indu…
Indus, Indi [m.] O Noun Indian, inhabitant of India
instituo, instituis, instituere C, institui, institutum Verb build, establish
nosco, noscis, noscere C, novi, notum Verb get to know, learn, find out, become cognizant of…
nosse Other (1.) perfect infinitive of nosco (know by senses)…
opto, optas, optare A, optavi, optatum Verb choose, select, wish, wish for, desire
orationem habere Phrase To make a yeet
Paesti Other still in translation
pluris aestimare Phrase still in translation
prius Adverb earlier, before, previously, first
propter Preposition on account of, Because of
sedeo, sedes, sedere E, sedi, sessum Verb sit
simplex, simplicis M Adjective single, simple, unaffected, plain
terra, terrae [f.] A Noun land, earth
voluptas, voluptatis [f.] C Noun pleasure
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