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Vocable Translation
adeo Adverb to such a degree/pass/point, precisely, exactly, …
ambulo, ambulas, ambulare A, ambulavi, ambulatum Verb go, walk
cano, canis, canere C, cecini, cantum Verb sing
divido, dividis, dividere C, divisi, divisum Verb divide
forte Adverb randomly, accidentally
gaudium, gaudii [n.] O Noun happiness, joy
hic, haec, hoc Demonstrative Pronoun this, that
interficio, interficis, interficere M, interfeci, interfectum Verb (1.) kill, murder, destroy, put and end to (2.) o…
lux, lucis [f.] C Noun light
mortuus/mortua/mortuum, AO Adjective dead
ne ... quidem Phrase still in translation
neglego, neglegis, neglegere C, neglegxi, neglegctum Verb neglect, disregard
nubo, nubis, nubere C, nupsi, nuptum Verb (1.) cover, veil (2.) (with dat.) to be married t…
prex, precis [f.] C Noun prayer, request
rapio, rapis, rapere M, rapui, raptum Verb seize, snatch, carry away
regina, reginae [f.] A Noun queen
resisto, resistis, resistere C, restiti, - Verb pause, continue, resist, oppose, reply, withstand…
solus/sola/solum, AO Adjective alone, only, the only
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