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Inherent to Felix Neu

Vocable Translation
actio, actionis [f.] C Noun act, action, activity, deed, incident, plot (play…
an Conjunction can it be that (introduces question expecting neg…
ars, artis [f.] M Noun art, skill
caedes, caedis [f.] C Noun Slaughter, assassination, murder
comprehendo, comprehendis, comprehendere C, comprehendndi, comprehendprehensum Verb grasp, seize, arrest, comprehend, understand
disco, discis, discere C, didici, discitum Verb learn, hear, get to know, become acquainted with,…
eiusmodi Other
Intellego, Intellegis, Intellegere C, Intellexi, Intellectum Verb understand
is, ea, id Demonstrative Pronoun this
memoria, memoriae [f.] A Noun memory, recollection
mens, mentis [f.] M Noun mind, spirit
merx, mercis [f.] M Noun commodity, merchandise (pl.), goods
mille, milis [n.] I Noun thousand, thousands (men/things), miles, [~ passu…
modus, modi [m.] O Noun (1.) measure, bound, limit (2.) manner, method, m…
ne Conjunction not, [ne....quidem => not even], truly, indeed, v…
nisi / ni Phrase still in translation
pertineo, pertines, pertinere E, pertinui, pertentum Verb reach, extend, relate to, concerns, pertain to
sententia, sententiae [f.] A Noun feeling, thought, opinion, vote, sentence
signum, signi [n.] O Noun sign
solum Adverb only, just
supero, superas, superare A, superavi, superatum Verb beat, defeat, exceed, overcome, conquer, surpass
ultro Adverb besides, beyond, to/on the further/other side, vo…

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