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Inherent to Felix Neu

Vocable Translation
a / ab m. Abl. Phrase from
adhuc Adverb yet, so far, still
ago, agis, agere C, egi, actusum Verb drive, lead, do, act, pass, spend
compono, componis, componere C, composui, compositum Verb compare, add, place, put, collect together, colla…
comprehendo, comprehendis, comprehendere C, comprehendndi, comprehendprehensum Verb grasp, seize, arrest, comprehend, understand
consilium, consilii [n.] O Noun plan, decision, council, advice
cum+Indikativ Preposition when
cursus, cursus [m.] U Noun running, race, course
de (m. Abl.) Preposition about, from, over, down and away
descendo, descendis, descendere C, descendi, descensum Verb descend, climb/march/come/go/flow/run/hang down, …
domus, domus [f.] U Noun house, home (NB 3 special uses and endings: domi …
ecce Interjection behold! see! look! there! here! [ecce eum => here…
habeo, habes, habere E, habui, habitum Verb have
in+Abl. Preposition in, on
ita Adverb so, in such a way
labor, laboris [m.] C Noun work, effort
modo ... modo Phrase still in translation
negotium, negotii [n.] O Noun work, pain, trouble, annoyance, distress, busines…
pretium, pretii [n.] O Noun price, value, wage, salary
probo, probas, probare A, probavi, probatum Verb test, approve, recommend
profecto Adverb surely, certainly
prohibeo, prohibes, prohibere E, prohibui, prohibitum Verb keep (back), prevent, hinder, restrain, prohibit
reprehendo, reprehendis, reprehendere C, reprehendi, reprehensum Verb hold back, seize, catch, blame
semper Adverb always
sine m. Abl. Phrase still in translation
tamen Conjunction nevertheless, however, still, despite
timor, timoris [m.] C Noun anxiety, fear
umerus, umeri [m.] O Noun upper arm, shoulder
via, viae [f.] A Noun street, road

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