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Inherent to Felix

Vocable Translation
alius/alia/aliud, AO Adjective someone else, other, another
clamor, clamoris [m.] C Noun shout, outcry/protest, loud shouting (approval/jo…
condicio, condicionis [f.] C Noun condition
durus/dura/durum, AO Adjective hard, harsh, rough, stern, unfeeling, hardy, diff…
etiam Conjunction also, too, even
homo, hominis [m.] C Noun human
ira, irae [f.] A Noun anger, wrath, rage
labor, laboris [m.] C Noun work, effort
margo, margois [f.] M Noun area, region, neighborhood, district, country, di…
natio, nationis [f.] C Noun population, tribe, nation
numerus, numeri [m.] O Noun number, count, rank, company
observo, observas, observare A, observavi, observatum Verb watch, observe, heed
origo, originis [f.] C Noun origin, source, birth, family, race, ancestry
pecu, pecus [n.] U Noun herd, flock, cattle, sheep, farm animals (pl.), p…
projectus/projecta/projectum, AO Adjective jutting out, projecting, precipitate, abject, gro…
quam Pronoun like, how, how much, as, than, [quam + superlativ…
saepe Adverb often
saevus/saeva/saevum, AO Adjective savage, fierce, ferocious, violent, wild, raging,…
tam Particle so, so much (as), to such an extent/degree, never…
timere, ne Phrase be afraid that
ut Conjunction that, so that, as, like
verber, verberis [n.] C Noun lash, whip, blows (pl.), a beating, flogging
Vita Aucturis, Aucturisae [f.] A Noun life

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