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Vocable Translation
amo, amas, amare A, amavi, amatum Verb love
amor, amoris [m.] C Noun Love, Amor (God of Love), love, amorous, enamored…
animus, animi [m.] O Noun sense, mind, bravery, soul, spirit, courage, heart
Bene Adverb well
careo, cares, carere E, carui, cariturusum Verb (1.) be without, be deprived of, want, lack (2.) …
desidero, desideras, desiderare A, desideravi, desideratum Verb desire, long for, miss
dono, donas, donare A, donavi, donatum Verb bestow, donate
egeo, eges, egere E, egui, - Verb need, lack, want
habeo, habes, habere E, habui, habitum Verb have, hold, possess, consider, think
hortmagister Verb Hortmagister
impendo, impendis, impendere C, impendi, impensum Verb expend, spend, devote (to)
ita Adverb so, in such a way
iterum Adverb again, however
memes dankes Other dank memes
merx, mercis [f.] M Noun commodity, merchandise (pl.), goods
misericordia, misericordiae [f.] A Noun compassion, pity, sympathy
monstro, monstras, monstrare A, monstravi, monstratum Verb show
ornamentum, ornamenti [n.] O Noun equipment, decoration, jewel, ornament, trappings
ostendo, ostendis, ostendere C, ostendi, ostentum Verb exhibit, show, display
pecunia, pecuniae [f.] A Noun money
pretium, pretii [n.] O Noun price, value, wage, salary
si Conjunction if, If
valeo, vales, valere E, valui, valiturum Verb (1.) be strong, have power (2.) be well
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