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Inherent to Cursus Continuus

Vocable Translation
aequus/aequa/aequum, AO Adjective level, even, calm, equal, just, favorable
astronomia, astronomiae [f.] A Noun astronomy, science of heavenly bodies
concordia, concordiae [f.] A Noun concurrence,mutual agreement,harmony,peace,...
dialectica, dialecticae [f.] A Noun dialectics, logic, art of logic/reasoning
dilabor, dilaberis, dilabi C, dilapsus sum (Dep.) Verb run/flow/slip away, spread (liquids),...
excipio, excipis, excipere M, excepi, exceptum Verb take out, except; take, receive, capture
exprimo, exprimis, exprimere C, expressi, expressum Verb squeeze, squeeze/press out, imitate, copy,...
grammatica, grammaticae [f.] A Noun grammar, philology
incoho, incohas, incohare A, incohavi, incohatum Verb begin/start (work), set going, establish,...
indico, indicas, indicare A, indicavi, indicatum Verb point out, show, indicate, expose, betray,...
italia, italiae [f.] A Noun Italy
item Adverb likewise, besides, also, similarly
liberalis/liberale, liberalis M Adjective of or relating to a free person, worthy of a...
lingua, linguae [f.] A Noun language, tongue
opera, operae [f.] A Noun work, care, aid, service, effort/trouble,...
operam dare Phrase not yet translated :(
oriens, orientis [m.] C Noun orient, eastern world
orientalis/orientale, orientalis M Adjective eastern, of/belonging to the east, easterly, oriental
paene Adverb nearly, almost, mostly
patrius/patria/patrium, AO Adjective father's, paternal, ancestral
permitto, permittis, permittere C, permisi, permissum Verb let through, let go through, relinquish,...
procedo, procedis, procedere C, processi, processum Verb proceed, advance, appear
quadrivium, quadrivii [n.] O Noun place where four roads meet, crossroads
reverto, revertis, revertere C, reverti, - Verb turn back, go back, return, recur (usually DEP)
rhetoricus/rhetorica/rhetoricum, AO Adjective of rhetoric, rhetorical
solere Other not yet translated :(
studiosus, studiosi [m.] O Noun student
trivium, trivii [n.] O Noun place where three roads meet, "the gutter",...
Trivium, Quadrivium Phrase not yet translated :(
vacuus/vacua/vacuum, AO Adjective empty, vacant, unoccupied, devoid of, free of

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