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Vocable Translation
Advenio, Advenis, Advenire I, Adveni, Adventum Verb arrive
amplus/ampla/amplum, AO Adjective great, large, spacious, wide, ample, distinguishe…
causa, causae [f.] A Noun reason, cause, case, situation
consentio, consentis, consentire I, consensi, consensum Verb join/share in sensation/feeling, be in agreement/…
crepo, crepas, crepare A, crepui, crepitum Verb rattle/rustle/clatter, jingle/tinkle, snap (finge…
cresco, crescis, crescere C, crevi, cretum Verb increase, come forth/to be, arise/spring (from), …
digitus, digiti [m.] O Noun finger, toe
domus, domus [f.] U Noun house, home (NB 3 special uses and endings: domi …
domus, domi [m.] O Noun house, building, home, household, [domi => at hom…
dormio, dormis, dormire I, dormivi, dormitum Verb sleep
evenio, evenis, evenire I, eveni, eventum Verb come out, come about, come forth, happen, turn out
exerceo, exerces, exercere E, exercui, exercitum Verb train, discipline, drill
herba, herbae [f.] A Noun herb, grass
iam - iam Phrase any second now
initium, initii [n.] O Noun beginning, commencement
limen, liminis [n.] C Noun threshold, threshold, threshold
manis, manis [m.] M Noun shades/ghosts of dead (pl.), gods of Lower World,…
nihilo minus Phrase still in translation
pergo, pergis, pergere C, perrexi, perrectum Verb go on, proceed
postridie Adverb on the following day, the next day, On the follow…
prius Adverb earlier, before, previously, first
projectus/projecta/projectum, AO Adjective jutting out, projecting, precipitate, abject, gro…
remitto, remittis, remittere C, remisi, remissum Verb send back, remit, throw back, relax, diminish
rite Adverb duly, according to religious usage, with due obse…
significo, significas, significare A, significavi, significatum Verb signify, indicate, show
similis/simile, similis M Adjective similar
somnus, somni [m.] O Noun sleep
sonus, soni [m.] O Noun noise, sound
stilus, stili [m.] O Noun stylus, pencil, iron pen, column, pillar
supra Adverb on top, more, above, before, formerly
surgo, surgis, surgere C, surrexi, surrectum Verb get up, arise
vinculum, vinculi [n.] O Noun bond, chain, fetter
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