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Vocable Translation
aspicio, aspicis, aspicere M, aspexi, aspectum Verb look/gaze on/at, see, observe, behold, regard, fa…
barbarus, barbari [m.] O Noun savage, barbarian, foreigner
cibus, cibi [m.] O Noun Food, Ration
colloco, collocas, collocare A, collocavi, collocatum Verb place/put/set in order/proper position, arrange, …
commemoro, commemoras, commemorare A, commemoravi, commemoratum Verb recall (to self/other), keep in mind, remember, m…
consisto, consistis, consistere C, constiti, constitum Verb stop, stand, halt, cease, pause, linger, stop spr…
demonstro, demonstras, demonstrare A, demonstravi, demonstratum Verb point out, show, demonstrate
dives, divitis M Adjective rich/wealthy, costly, fertile/productive (land), …
dominatus, dominatus [m.] U Noun rule, mastery, domain, tyranny
eadem Adverb by the same route, at the same time, likewise, sa…
eximius/eximia/eximium, AO Adjective select, extraordinary/special, excellent, [Doctor…
ferus/fera/ferum, AO Adjective wild, savage, uncivilized, untamed, fierce
fortunatus/fortunata/fortunatum, AO Adjective lucky, fortunate, happy
idem m Phrase still in translation
idem n Phrase still in translation
industria, industriae [f.] A Noun industry, purpose/diligence, purposeful/diligent …
ingenium, ingenii [n.] O Noun nature, innate talent
Londinium, Londinii [n.] O Noun London
magni facere Phrase still in translation
magnitudo, magnitudinis [f.] C Noun greatness, size
mensa, mensae [f.] A Noun table, dining, dish, course
ministrare Other still in translation
moles, molis [f.] C Noun large mass, rock/boulder, heap/lump/pile, bulk, m…
necesse est Phrase it is necessary
pendeo, pendes, pendere E, pependi, - Verb hang, hang down, depend, [~ ab ore => hang upon t…
porrigo, porrigis, porrigere C, porrexi, porrectum Verb stretch out, extend
potentia, potentiae [f.] A Noun force, power, political power
pulchritudo, pulchritudinis [f.] C Noun beauty
quoniam Conjunction because, since, seeing that, Since
sermo, sermonis [m.] C Noun conversation, talk
servitus, servitutis [f.] C Noun servitude, slavery
vel Conjunction (1.) or, even, actually, or even, in deed (2.) or…
verba facere Phrase To speak
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