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Inherent to Cursus Continuus

Vocable Translation
abundo, abundas, abundare A, abundavi, abundatum Verb abound (in), have in large measure, overdo, excee…
alii... alii... Phrase Some... others...
alius/alia/aliud, AO Adjective someone else, other, another
alius -alius Phrase still in translation
alter/altera/alterum, AO Adjective the other one, (the) alternative
amor, amoris [m.] C Noun Love, Amor (God of Love), love, amorous, enamored…
careo, cares, carere E, carui, cariturusum Verb (1.) be without, be deprived of, want, lack (2.) …
cedo, cedis, cedere C, cessi, cedum Verb go, withdraw, yield to, grant, submit
doleo, doles, dolere E, dolui, dolitum Verb hurt, feel/suffer pain, grieve, be afflicted/pain…
gladiator, gladiatoris [m.] C Noun gladiator
gladius, gladii [m.] O Noun military sword, kind of short sword, (figurativel…
iacio, iacis, iacere M, ieci, iactum Verb throw, cast, hurl, lay, scatter, diffuse, skid
igitur Adverb therefore (postpositive), so/then, consequently, …
italia, italiae [f.] A Noun Italy
laboro, laboras, laborare A, laboravi, laboratum Verb work
littera, litterae [f.] A Noun a letter of the alphabet, (plural) a letter, lite…
litterae, litterarum [f.] A (Pl.) Noun science, letter (correspondence)
ludus, ludi [m.] O Noun game, school, sport, pastime, diversion
ne ... quidem Phrase still in translation
neque - neque Phrase Neither...nor
nex, necis [f.] C Noun death, murder
pecunia, pecuniae [f.] A Noun money
pugna, pugnae [f.] A Noun battle, fight
pugno, pugnas, pugnare A, pugnavi, pugnatum Verb fight, battle
salutare, salutaris [n.] I Noun salvation
tam Particle so, so much (as), to such an extent/degree, never…
tandem Adverb finally, eventually, at last, after all
timor, timoris [m.] C Noun anxiety, fear
vaco, vacas, vacare A, vacavi, vacatum Verb be empty, be vacant, be idle, be free from, be un…
victor, victoris [m.] C Noun winner, victor, conquer
victoria, victoriae [f.] A Noun victory, win
vulnero, vulneras, vulnerare A, vulneravi, vulneratum Verb wound, injure, harm, pain, distress, inflict woun…

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