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Inherent to Campus C3

Vocable Translation
contra Adv. Phrase still in translation
dignitas, dignitatis [f.] C Noun merit, prestige, dignity
diversus/diversa/diversum, AO Adjective opposite, separate, apart, diverse, unlike, diffe…
egregius/egregia/egregium, AO Adjective singular, distinguished, exceptional, extraordina…
exemplum, exempli [n.] O Noun example
grandis/grande, grandis M Adjective full-grown, grown up, large, great, grand, tall, …
haud Adverb not, not at all, by no means, not (as a particle)
incendo, incendis, incendere C, incendi, incensum Verb to set fire to, kindle, burn, set on fire, set fi…
Londinium, Londinii [n.] O Noun London
Nobis amicis opus est. Phrase still in translation
opus est m. Abl. Phrase still in translation
Ovidius Other still in translation
permitto, permittis, permittere C, permisi, permissum Verb let through, let go through, relinquish, permit, …
probus/proba/probum, AO Adjective good, honest
Roma, Romae [f.] A Noun Rome
se praebere Phrase show myself, show yourself
studia diversa Phrase still in translation
Vergilius, Vergilii [m.] O Noun Virgil, [P. Vergilius Maro => poet Virgil 70-19 B…

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