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Inherent to Campus C3

Vocable Translation
afficio, afficis, afficere M, affeci, affectum Verb manage, influence, make
ceterum Adv. Phrase still in translation
colligo, colligis, colligere C, collegi, collectum Verb collect, assemble, bring/gather/hold/keep togethe…
cursus, cursus [m.] U Noun running, race, course
Hector, Hectoris [m.] C Noun Hector
Hoc dicere restat. Phrase still in translation
illic Adv. Phrase still in translation
incendium, incendii [n.] O Noun fire
Laelius Other still in translation
legatio, legatonis [f.] C Noun embassy, ambassador, legation, deputy command
memor, memoris M Adjective remembering, mindful (of w/GEN), grateful, unforg…
Memor periculi sum. Phrase still in translation
nobilis/nobile, nobilis M Adjective noble, well born, aristocratic, outstanding (in r…
poena afficere Phrase still in translation
qui Adv. Phrase still in translation
resto, restas, restare A, restiti, - Verb stand firm, stay behind, be left, be left over, r…
rumpo, rumpis, rumpere C, rupi, ruptum Verb break, destroy
scipio, scipionis [m.] C Noun ceremonial rod, baton
spatium, spatii [n.] O Noun space, area/expanse, room (for), intervening spac…
supplicio afficere Phrase still in translation
Troia, Troiae [f.] A Noun Troy

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