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Vocable Translation
aio, ais Verb say, assert, say yes
Alcaeus Other still in translation
compono, componis, componere C, composui, compositum Verb compare, add, place, put, collect together, colla…
contingo, contingis, contingere C, contigi, contactum Verb happen, befall, turn out, come to pass, be grante…
Contingit mihi, ut veniam. Phrase still in translation
epistula, epistulae [f.] A Noun letter
exilium, exilii [n.] O Noun exile
gaudium, gaudii [n.] O Noun happiness, joy
hic, haec, hoc Demonstrative Pronoun this, that
initium, initii [n.] O Noun beginning, commencement
mollis/molle, mollis M Adjective soft (cushion/grass), flexible/supple/loose/plian…
nūptia, nūptiae [f.] A Noun marriage (pl.), nuptials, wedding
perficio, perficis, perficere M, perfeci, perfectum Verb complete, finish, execute, bring about, accomplis…
prior, prioris [m.] C Noun ancestors (pl.), forefathers, predecessors, peopl…
salutem dicere Phrase still in translation
solacio esse Phrase still in translation
solacium, solacii [n.] O Noun comfort, relief
versus, versus [m.] U Noun line of verse
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