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Inherent to Campus C2

Vocable Translation
animadverto, animadvertis, animadvertere C, animadvertti, animadvertversum Verb pay attention, focus, notice, observe, estimate, …
animadvertere in senatum Phrase still in translation
cultus, cultus [m.] U Noun worship, adoration
cum Subj. m. Konj. Phrase still in translation
depono, deponis, deponere C, deposivi, depositum Verb put, lay down/aside/away, let drop, let fall, giv…
dimitto, dimittis, dimittere C, dimisi, dimissum Verb forgive, free, left down (in grace), send away, d…
Diocletianus, Diocletiani [m.] O Noun Diocletian
gero, geris, gerere C, gessi, gestum Verb carry, carry on, manage, conduct, accomplish, per…
impello, impellis, impellere C, impuli, impulsum Verb drive, persuade, impel, urge on, action, push, th…
iniurias sustinere Phrase still in translation
Italia, Italiae [f.] A Noun (1.) Italy (2.) Italy
necesse Adjective Necessary
occulte Adv. Phrase still in translation
protinus Adv. Phrase still in translation
restituo, restituis, restituere C, restitui, restitutum Verb restore, revive, bring back, make good
Sebastianus Other still in translation
sustineo, sustines, sustinere E, sustinui, sustinitum Verb bear, withstand, tolerate
tribuo, tribuis, tribuere C, tribui, tributum Verb divide, assign, present, grant, allot, bestow, at…
ubi Subj. m. Ind. Phrase still in translation

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