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Inherent to Campus C2

Vocable Translation
agmen, agminis [n.] C Noun stream, herd, flock, troop, crowd, marching army,…
Alpis, Alpis [f.] M Noun Alps (usually pl.), mountains to the north of Ita…
aut Conjunction or
conficio, conficis, conficere M, confeci, confectum Verb execute, do, finish, wear out
defendo, defendis, defendere C, defendi, defensum Verb ward off, defend, protect
expello, expellis, expellere C, expuli, expulsum Verb drive out, expel, banish, disown, reject
incipio, incipis, incipere M, coepi, coeptum Verb start
insidia, insidiae [f.] A Noun ambush/ambuscade (pl.), plot, treachery, treacher…
iter, itineris [n.] C Noun journey, route, way, passage
obicio, obicis, obicere M, objeci, objectum Verb Expose (to danger), throw before/to, cast, object…
oratio, oratonis [f.] C Noun speech
Poenus/Poena/Poenum, AO Adjective Carthaginian, Punic, of/associated w/Carthage, Ph…
procedo, procedis, procedere C, processi, processum Verb proceed, advance, appear
projectus/projecta/projectum, AO Adjective jutting out, projecting, precipitate, abject, gro…
usque ad campum ire Phrase still in translation
usque Adv. Phrase still in translation

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