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Inherent to Campus C1

Vocable Translation
amitto, amittis, amittere C, amisi, amissum Verb lose, let go
fons, fontis [m.] M Noun fountain, source
homo, hominis [m.] C Noun human
hora, horae [f.] A Noun hour
leo, leonis [m.] C Noun (1.) lion (2.) Leo (name of several Popes), pries…
magnitudo, magnitudinis [f.] C Noun greatness, size
margo, margois [f.] M Noun area, region, neighborhood, district, country, di…
mons, montis [m.] M Noun mountain
multitudo, multitudinis [f.] C Noun multitude, great number, crowd
natio, nationis [f.] C Noun population, tribe, nation
nisi Subj. Phrase still in translation
projectus/projecta/projectum, AO Adjective jutting out, projecting, precipitate, abject, gro…
sol, solis [m.] C Noun sun
surgo, surgis, surgere C, surrexi, surrectum Verb get up, arise
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