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Inherent to Campus B3

Vocable Translation
accendo, accendis, accendere C, accendi, accensum Verb kindle, set on fire, light, illuminate, inflame, …
admitto, admittis, admittere C, admisi, admissum Verb admit, receive, let in
ardeo, ardes, ardere E, arsi, - Verb burn
cursus, cursus [m.] U Noun running, race, course
domus, domi [m.] O Noun house, building, home, household, [domi => at hom…
flamma, flammae [f.] A Noun flame
ira accensus Phrase still in translation
iudicium, iudicii [n.] O Noun judgement, decision, opinion, trial
libido, libidinis [f.] C Noun desire, longing, wish, fancy, lust, wantonness, w…
licentia, licentiae [f.] A Noun freedom, liberty, license, disorderliness, outspo…
locus, loci [m.] O Noun place, location
nimis / nimium Adv. Phrase still in translation
nimium libertatis Phrase still in translation
nimius/nimia/nimium, AO Adjective excessive, too great
quippe Adv. Phrase still in translation
tametsi Subj. Phrase still in translation
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