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Inherent to Campus B3

Vocable Translation
acies, aciei [f.] E Noun sharpness, sharp edge, point, battle...
aetas, aetatis [f.] C Noun period of life, life, age, an age, time
domum Akk. Phrase not yet translated :(
eicio, eicis, eicere M, ejeci, ejectum Verb cast, throw, fling, drive out/up, extract,...
eiusdem ordinis Phrase not yet translated :(
instituo, instituis, instituere C, institui, institutum Verb build, establish
mortem prospicere Phrase not yet translated :(
nepos, nepotis [m.] C Noun grandson, descendant
neque vero Phrase not yet translated :(
nobilitas, nobilitatis [f.] C Noun nobility, aristocracy
ordo, ordinis [m.] C Noun row, order/rank, succession, series, class,...
ordo senatorum Phrase not yet translated :(
parcere hostibus subiectis Phrase not yet translated :(
pater familias Phrase father of the family
potentia, potentiae [f.] A Noun force, power, political power
prospicio, prospicis, prospicere M, prospexi, prospectum Verb foresee, see far off, watch for, provide for,...
reliquus/reliqua/reliquum, AO Adjective remaining, left over
saluti patris prospicere Phrase not yet translated :(
subicio, subicis, subicere M, subjeci, subjectum Verb throw under, place under, make subject, expose
terra, terrae [f.] A Noun land, earth
vis, vis [f.] M Noun strength (sg. only), force, power, might, violence

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