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Inherent to Campus B3

Vocable Translation
contra Adv. Phrase not yet translated :(
dignitas, dignitatis [f.] C Noun merit, prestige, dignity
diversus/diversa/diversum, AO Adjective opposite, separate, apart, diverse, unlike,...
egregius/egregia/egregium, AO Adjective singular, distinguished, exceptional,...
exemplum, exempli [n.] O Noun example
grandis/grande, grandis M Adjective full-grown, grown up, large, great, grand,...
haud Adverb not, not at all, by no means, not (as a particle)
hic, haec, hoc Demonstrative Pronoun this, that
incendo, incendis, incendere C, incendi, incensum Verb set on fire, set fire to, kindle, burn, cause...
Nobis amicis opus est. Phrase not yet translated :(
opus est m. Abl. Phrase not yet translated :(
Ovidius Other not yet translated :(
permitto, permittis, permittere C, permisi, permissum Verb let through, let go through, relinquish,...
probus/proba/probum, AO Adjective good, honest
Roma, Romae [f.] A Noun Rome
se praebere Phrase show myself, show yourself
studia diversa Phrase not yet translated :(
Vergilius, Vergilii [m.] O Noun Virgil, (Roman gens name), [P. Vergilius Maro...

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