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Inherent to Campus B3

Vocable Translation
afficio, afficis, afficere M, affeci, affectum Verb manage, influence, make
ceterum Adv. Phrase not yet translated :(
colligo, colligis, colligere C, collegi, collectum Verb collect, assemble, bring/gather/hold/keep...
Hector, Hectoris [m.] C Noun Hector, (chief Trojan hero)
Hoc dicere restat. Phrase not yet translated :(
illic Adv. Phrase not yet translated :(
incendium, incendii [n.] O Noun fire
Laelius Other not yet translated :(
legatio, legatonis [f.] C Noun embassy, ambassador, legation, deputy command
memor, memoris M Adjective remembering, mindful (of w/GEN), grateful,...
Memor periculi sum. Phrase not yet translated :(
Milites hostibus fortiter restiterunt. Phrase not yet translated :(
nobilis/nobile, nobilis M Adjective noble, well born, aristocratic, outstanding...
poena afficere Phrase not yet translated :(
programmo, programmas, programmare A, programmavi, programmatum Verb program (data processing)
qui Adv. Phrase not yet translated :(
resto, restas, restare A, restiti, - Verb stand firm, stay behind, be left, be left over, remain
rumpo, rumpis, rumpere C, rupi, ruptum Verb break, destroy
scipio, scipionis [m.] C Noun ceremonial rod, baton
spatium, spatii [n.] O Noun space, area/expanse, room (for), intervening...
supplicio afficere Phrase not yet translated :(
Troia, Troiae [f.] A Noun Troy

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