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Inherent to Campus B3

Vocable Translation
adulescens, adulescentis [m.] M Noun young man
aedes, aedis [f.] C Noun temple, shrine, tomb, apartment, room, house...
attingo, attingis, attingere C, attigi, attactum Verb touch, touch/border on, reach, arrive at,...
canis, canis [m.] M Noun dog
committo, committis, committere C, committmisi, committmissum Verb to entrust (e.g. a task) to another, to start,...
custodia, custodiae [f.] A Noun protection, custody; (plural) guards
dos, dotis [f.] C Noun dowry, dower, talent, quality
ferus/fera/ferum, AO Adjective wild, savage, uncivilized, untamed, fierce
honore indignus Phrase not yet translated :(
incredibilis/incredibile, incredibilis M Adjective incredible, extraordinary
indignus/indigna/indignum, AO Adjective unworthy, undeserving, undeserved, unbecoming,...
iungo, iungis, iungere C, iunxi, iunctum Verb connect
ius, iuris [n.] C Noun right, justice
ludos committere Phrase not yet translated :(
proelium committere Phrase not yet translated :(
programmo, programmas, programmare A, programmavi, programmatum Verb program (data processing)
pudeo, pudes, pudere E, pudui, puditum Verb be ashamed, make ashamed, [me pudet => I am ashamed]
Pudet me flere. Phrase not yet translated :(
Pudet me huius facinoris. Phrase not yet translated :(
sermo, sermonis [m.] C Noun conversation, talk
solus/sola/solum, AO Adjective alone, only, the only

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