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Inherent to Campus B3

Vocable Translation
aurum, auri [n.] O Noun gold
brevis/breve, brevis M Adjective short, small, brief
comparo, comparas, comparare A, comparavi, comparatum Verb prepare, provide, compose, collect, get...
Croesus Other not yet translated :(
demum Adv. Phrase not yet translated :(
divinus/divina/divinum, AO Adjective divine
extra Prap. m. Akk. Phrase not yet translated :(
fatum, fati [n.] O Noun fate, death
fratri opem ferre Phrase not yet translated :(
Graecia, Graeciae [f.] A Noun Greece
humanus/humana/humanum, AO Adjective human
interea Adv. Phrase not yet translated :(
italia, italiae [f.] A Noun Italy
magnae opes Phrase not yet translated :(
minimus/minima/minimum, AO Adjective smallest
ops, opis [f.] C Noun help, aid, (plural) power, resources, wealth
recipio, recipis, recipere M, recepi, receptum Verb take back, regain, admit, receive
regia, regiae [f.] A Noun palace, court, residence
regius/regia/regium, AO Adjective royal, of a king, regal
regnum, regni [n.] O Noun reign, kingdom, dominion, control(?)
solum, soli [n.] O Noun bottom, ground, floor, soil, land

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