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Vocable Translation
ad bellum inducere Phrase still in translation
adicio, adicis, adicere M, adjeci, adjectum Verb add, increase, raise, add to (DAT/ad+ACC), sugges…
angustus/angusta/angustum, AO Adjective narrow, steep, close, confined, scanty, poor, low…
emitto, emittis, emittere C, emisi, emissum Verb hurl, let go, utter, send out, drive, force, cast…
eripio, eripis, eripere M, eripui, ereptum Verb (1.) snatch away, take away (2.) rescue
fames, famis [f.] M Noun hunger
Filius similis est patris . Phrase still in translation
induco, inducis, inducere C, induxi, inductum Verb lead in, bring in (performers), induce, influence…
inimicus/inimica/inimicum, AO Adjective unfriendly, hostile, harmful
inopia, inopiae [f.] A Noun lack, need, poverty, destitution, dearth, want, s…
libertas, libertatis [f.] C Noun freedom, liberty
natus / nata Phrase still in translation
novum morem inducere Phrase still in translation
similis/simile, similis M Adjective similar
veri similis Phrase still in translation
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