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Vocable Translation
ars, artis [f.] M Noun art, skill
centum Numeral 100, hundred, one hundred, C (roman numerals)
colonia, coloniae [f.] A Noun colony/settlement or people thereof, colony of be…
Difficilis/Difficilie, Difficilis M Adjective hard, difficult, troublesome
Italia, Italiae [f.] A Noun (1.) Italy (2.) Italy
loco, locas, locare A, locavi, locatum Verb place, put, station, arrange, contract (for), far…
longus/longa/longum, AO Adjective long
milium, milii [n.] O Noun thousands (pl.)
mille, milis [n.] I Noun thousand, thousands (men/things), miles, [~ passu…
non dubito, quin Phrase still in translation
quasi Adverb like, how
quin Adverb why not, in fact
rus, ruris [n.] C Noun the country, countryside
utilis/utile, utilis M Adjective useful, advantageous
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