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Inherent to Campus B1

Vocable Translation
alius/alia/aliud, AO Adjective someone else, other, another
animadverto, animadvertis, animadvertere C, animadvertti, animadvertversum Verb pay attention, focus, notice, observe, estimate, …
bellum, belli [n.] O Noun war
cedo, cedis, cedere C, cessi, cessum Verb go, withdraw, yield to, grant, submit
certe/certo Other still in translation
consisto, consistis, consistere C, constiti, constitum Verb stop, stand, halt, cease, pause, linger, stop spr…
Graecus, Graeci [m.] O Noun Greek
honestus/honesta/honestum, AO Adjective distinguished, reputable, respected, honorable, u…
paulatim Adverb slowly, as time goes by, gradually,, bit by bit.,…
Petio, Petis, Petire I, Petivi, Petitum Verb go, attack, ask for
puto, putas, putare A, putavi, putatum Verb think, clean, trim, reckon, suppose, judge, think…
terra, terrae [f.] A Noun land, earth
Troianus/Troiana/Troianum, AO Adjective Trojan
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